Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good news for Good folk ;)

Apparently, Desperate in Dubai has been un-banned!

Here's what allegedly happened:

- Someone from the Economic Department came in to Kinokuniya and told them to remove it from the shelves which they did. For a while they continued selling it on request but then stopped altogether while they investigated the matter.

- Upon contacting the National Media Council, they were informed that the book is fine and no longer suspect. This may (or may not) have something to do with the media interest around the topic.

- Things are a bit confusing as some stores (Borders for example) have been telling customers that the book is banned. As it's currently out of stock in most places, it's difficult to find out.

- Jashanmal should be receiving more copies of the book in about 10-14 days. Kinokuniya should be receiving them slightly later.

Let's see what happens when the book is back in stock. Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

I bought the book in Abu Dhabi last week (Abu Dhabi Mall) with no problem. Loved it and definetely enriched my visit to the UAE - I could not put it down and read it in 2 days. Congratualtions and looking forward to your next book!
Krisztina from Germany

Anonymous said...

Good book. A few problems with copy editing (i.e., typos), and a few problems with editing (inconsistent timelines).

But overall, I really liked it.

For me, a big attraction was what David Lodge calls the 'sense of place,' but what was once called 'local colour' (I was studying English literature in school when Jane Austen was still writing it--I've been told the term 'local colour' is no longer used).

sweetlikechocolate said...

any chance of it selling in Saudi Arabia?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what about uk?!!
when is it going to be available in AmazonUK??

Anonymous said...

I got the BOOK just last night.I was so enlightened and cant put it down even in the salon(having my hair done) awhile ago...hahaha...
Salute for young writers like you.


A.K. AlSuwaidi said...

Added it into my reading wish list ^.^

I knew about it through a discussion in my blog:

wish you luck..

Anonymous said...

So we have to get the book to read the rest of the story .-.? Or ur gonna post more soon ?


Faiza Parveen said...


Anonymous said...

Ugh so addicting! Although it's not so easy for me to find the book because I'm in riyadh :( truely an extremely talented writer!
I hope you get to release a number of best-selling books through the years :)
Best wishes

nouf said...

Its virgin mega store's recommended and that how I saw it and was exited and I insisted I get that book ASAP!!!

Anonymous said...


I chanced upon your book while looking for Arabic pop CDs at Virgin Megastore, Dubai Mall. It was my 1st trip to Dubai and I was enthralled by what I saw. So naturally the title of your book got my attention and I decided to buy it as soon as I read the synopsis. I finished reading it in less than a day! The storyline is so interesting. And having some knowledge of what life is like for women in the Middle-East, I believe what you wrote is not far from the truth. So it's little wonder that it was initially banned.

Anyways, congratulations on the success of your book. I hope it'll motivate you to write more books in future. I look forward to reading them.

Hazlinah Morier - Singapore

PS - Saw another book, "Made in Jumeirah", which I wanted to buy as well. But it was written in Arabic. Any chance for it to be translated?

Anonymous said...

Excellent read cant wait for next book. For all u guys in the UK don't wait for amazon order from URead I got my copy in a week worth the hassle. Hope to read more of your publications

Anonymous said...

Really want a copy of this may have to get one brought back from Dubai for me as I cant seem to get it in the UK